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Feeling weighed down and sluggish? We’re offering a Three Day Reset Cleanse to give your body a jump-start!

This 3-day cleanse event is uniquely designed for a full-body reset. It supports digestion, weight management, more sound sleep, energy, curbs cravings, and detoxes the body! 

How can it help?

Most of us are overfed and undernourished. Loading up on raw juice for 3 days supplies your body with up to 45 pounds of fresh, organic, plant-based nutrients. Juicing can be an effective way to transition to: 

Healthier Eating Habits

Boost Your Immune System

Increased Energy

Fight Chronic Inflamation

All of our recipes have been tested and are intentionally designed using all organic, raw produce, cold-pressed, and serve in glass bottles. Juices are cold-pressed in small batches on the highest quality Goodnature machine. 


Please consult your doctor before starting any new
nutritional regime, including juicing.

Drink the following six, 16oz. juices and one, 4oz. ginger shot for three days:

  • Celery Craze
  • Sweet Greens
  • Beets by Rae
  • Pineapple Spice
  • Power Greens
  • Carrot Kick

+ Ginger Shot

Are you ready to learn about the ingredients in our Three Day Reset Cleanse?

Submit your order by Wednesday, for pick up on Friday, and you’ll receive a free reusable Be Good insulated tote!


Drink 6 juices throughout the day for 3 days to give your body concentrated nutrition and take a break from digestion. 

Drink lots of water and non-caffeinated herbal tea in addition to your juice.

Green drinks – Celery Craze, Sweet Greens, and Power Greens – are ideal for main meals and Beets by Rae, Pineapple Spice, and Carrot Kick are great for in-between snacks.

Your cleanse comes with a Ginger Shot; you can take the shot in one drink, pour it into a juice, or add it to 16 oz of water for extra flavor.

Three Day Cleanse


Includes three of the following: Celery Craze, Sweet Greens, Beets by Rae, Pineapple Spice, Power Greens, Carrot Kick, and two Ginger Shots.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Can I exercise while on my cleanse?

You should have plenty of energy throughout your cleanse, so continue activities and exercise as normal. We recommend doing some light exercise and stretching each day to help flush out toxins.

Can I eat anything else during the cleanse?

Avoid other food, caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar for best results. If you find it necessary to eat something, modify your cleanse by adding in veggies or a small handful of nuts. 

What is raw juice, and how is it different from what I can buy at a grocery store?

Raw juice is not pasteurized in any way. Most store-bought juice is treated with high levels of heat or pressure, which makes it shelf-stable, but alters the product’s enzymes and flavor. The nutrients and enzymes in our juice are truly fresh. We take certified organic fruits and vegetables, grind them into a pulp, then gently press the pulp in a large hydraulic press, resulting in the freshest, most nutrient-dense juice available.

Do the juices expire?

Our products are unpasteurized and non HPP in order to preserve as many enzymes and nutrients as possible. Please keep juices refrigerated and consume them within a day after the “best by” date on the cap.

How is it different from what I make at home?

Most home juicers use blades that spin at high speed and generate heat, which oxidizes and separates nutrients, causing the enzymes and nutrients from juice to degrade quickly. This is fine if you’re drinking the juice immediately. We make all our drinks with a two-step hydraulic press, which results in very slow oxidization does not produce any heat, preserving enzymes and nutrients and allowing a much longer shelf life for the juice.

What's that white stuff at the bottom of my ginger juice bottle?

That white stuff that settles at the bottom of your bottle is starch from the fresh ginger in your drink! No need to shake it in; it won’t add or take much away from the nutrition or flavor of your juice.

Possible Side Effects:

Headaches or body aches: this is a normal reaction to withdrawal from caffeine, processed foods, and sugar. Your body will detox within 24-48 hours and pains should subside. 

Bloating/flatulence: this is common as the body adjusts to the influx of soluble fruit and vegetable fiber, nutrients, and enzymes. It should pass quickly, however, if it persists eating fermented food or taking a probiotic will help.

 Skin breakouts: any change in your diet can temporarily affect your skin. Drinking extra water and exercising can support your body in moving this process along more quickly.

 Cravings: Pressing through strong cravings in the first 24 hours will help you cut sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and animal products from your diet for the remainder of your cleanse.